A coworker just was saying to me yesterday about how life goes faster and faster, and you need to step back. It’s true.

In the past year I’ve had some ups and downs, but by far, the good has outweighed the bad.

It seems like a lifetime ago that I met a Random guy, and yet the months have flown by in the meantime. I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling in the past 6 months, and if I did, it wasn’t for long.

My grandmother passed, but at that point it was a blessing, we didn’t want her to suffer any further.

The memories made with friends and my love this year have been outstanding, and though it’s hard to believe, I know we’ll keep making better and better memories and experiences and adventures. As good as this year was, the next is going to be even more amazing. I just know it.

So my birthday wishes for myself (I don’t believe keeping things secret helps them come true… except for certain circumstances)

~ to continue to share love and adventures with Random ❤
~ to deepen the friendships that I have and spend more time with those I care about
~ to find a more rewarding career or hobby that can become one
~ to let go of guilt over things that are not my fault or not under my control
~ to just be. in the moment.
~ to always be grateful for the blessings in my life

33. I am liking the symmetry, and 3 is always a good number.

It’s gonna be an awesome year 😀