Mizz Buttafl’i in her sitting, meditative hooping. Which I am working on, but mine looks much less peaceful than hers does…

Warning: Very stream of consciousness post which meanders.  which shouldn’t shock anyone after the last post ;o)

The sun is peaking through the gray skies, just a little bit.  On my second mug (i.e., third and fourth cup) of coffee.  Either the coffee is getting weaker here or I’m building a resistance again.

Not much different than yesterday, but my mood is definitely brighter.  Mentally adjusting to the changing season, the upcoming solstice.  Pondering once again how summer is a time to share our fire with others, and winter is the time to fuel our own fire and look inwards.

The hoopjams have moved indoors and we are focusing on core work only – hooping on the body, knees to neck.  My inclination is to do little of that.  After hooping the day before thanksgiving, I was sore from the workout.  It’s hard to focus on self, especially in the midst of others.

Today’s post title inspired by the hoopjam, and learning to change currents (directions).  The Hoop Path instructors teach that there is no first/second direction, no right/wrong direction, to encourage hooping in both directions.  When you are used to only hooping counter-clockwise, and more off the body moves, and spinning while hooping (last two are “cheats” since I find it difficult to waist hoop in one spot without dropping it) — to be inside, core moves only, and then be told to change direction?  That’s tricky.  But bringing it inside, doing these restrictions, will only make me (and my hooping) stronger.

And I think that’s why I’m feeling the struggle to change direction.  I need to – it’s that time, in nature, in social scenes, hell – in many more places in my life than I’m capable of changing at the moment.  While I am frustrated with some things and really want to change that direction, I think I should focus on the inward spiral of winter – nurturing not only myself through this time but also our home and spending quality recharge time with each other.

Though more and more, my winters become full of burner events (last year I started driving to philly for conclave in February), and this necessary down time is sacrificed… I will – and this sounds familiar – seek balance and try to focus more on self care.

It may snow this weekend.  But baby we’ve got no place to go (except dinner, in town) so let it snow let it snow let it snow!

So often snow or illness MAKES us stop and rest in the winter.  My holiday wish for everyone is that you find the time to rest and recharge yourself before you catch a cold, and enjoy every beautiful snowfall.*

* Why yes, Mizz Buttafl’i, I AM looking at you when I say this 😀  as well as all my other gorgeous friends and family.