I did not get any e-greetings out yesterday.  Sigh.

A Belated Happy Solstice and Blessed Yule to those who celebrate it!  And Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas this week!

(Upon being wished “Merry Christmas! Or Happy whatever you celebrate!” I said “I celebrate it all, any reason to be nice is a good holiday in my book!”)

It was a most excellent holiday weekend.  Plans were to go to PEXmas in Philly, but with over a half foot of snow falling Friday, and a friend celebrating a birthday locally, the scales tipped ever so slightly in the direction of staying home for a relaxing weekend of cookies, shopping, putting up the tree.  Friday night I made cookies with the assistance of the lovely Lynn, who likes to beat my batter (and there’s a blob of peanut butter dough on the ceiling to prove it!). Lynn is my personal Martha Stewart.  Only better.  Baking/cooking instruction, offers to help organize, and solutions for the most tedious of tasks (usually means adding a bottle of wine) – she knows it all.  And Tim donated to our music library while he geeked out with working internet.

Friday night, despite warnings, Random drove up.  Didn’t know what the big deal was with the weather until he was 5 miles away, and the roads went from fine to unplowed.  On 287.  I put up the tree before he arrived, with only the star on top, planning on Stevie getting up to trouble… So far, so good. Knock wood.

Saturday I made the rest of the cookies, wrapped his present, and who knows what else… not much. Oh, made strawberry pancakes for breakfast! YUM!  We went out to a local bar for a friend’s birthday, and had a run in with a local Santa bar crawl that I never knew about (and will be blogging on my town blog about the night!)  Refueling with empanadas, we returned home to cuddle by the tree, celebrate yule by exchanging our gifts. I like this tradition, as it’s a quieter time than Christmas Eve and Day, and felt right being just us.  We stayed up most of the night playing Monty Python Fluxx and Chrononauts, what a way to celebrate the longest night of the year! 😀

Sunday was a sleepy morning with more pancakes, and shopping at the mall in the afternoon.  Ran cookies to my dad and grandmother’s houses, and came back home.

Very thankful for such a lovely weekend at home with my love, and creating some new traditions with him.


May you all have an excellent holiday if I don’t talk to you before then!!! Peace and love to you.