I haven’t posted much lately about much other than schedules and cool stuff I come across… So get ready for stream of consciousness blogging today.
I’m more than a bit sleepy after a grey morning, and a late night hooping and playing rock band.  As soon as our friends left, we both bought Spore for the iphone and played it a bit until we relaxed from rocking out enough to crash.  (Thanks Elaina!)
Oh yeah.  The iphone.  I haz one.  I thought I knew how cool it was, I’ve texted and looked up websites on my boyfriend’s.  I thought I would never leave Verizon.  But when I realized it was time for a new phone AND a new ipod, and my contract was up with Verizon, and I got a tax refund, it all fell into place.  I’m thrilled to be able to listen to my music collection again.  And the phone is not just cool.  It’s so. freaking. amazing.  I got more apps in one day than my love got in one year.  (Highly recommend: the game Sway, and of course Spore – we got the paid version but there’s a lite free version too.  We both have played Spore on the computer, and I even had it on my verizon phone, but it was NOTHING like the iphone one.)

It’s also redefining how I use twitter and such – I can now keep up with all the updates I subscribe to rather than only the most recent dozen or so.  And it’s easier to tweet myself. I need to learn all these new tweet-isms, like the whole #followfriday and keyword stuff – it’s complicated and not all in one easy place.  I just learned what RT is recently.

So what else? Oh yeah – it’s officially spring and I NOW realize I have indoor hooping space.  In my laundry room for my complex.  That pile of laundry I have?  Now looks like hooping time.  Of course it’s about to be nice outdoor hooping weather soon, but until then and on rainy days, it’s my rec room.

dryer isolations

dryer isolations

(If anyone wants to come over just holler.  There’s a low ceiling so limited over the head stuff, and not as good for poi, but nothing breakable really. easily fits 4 hoopers, possibly 6 if no one else is really doing laundry at the time :P)

What else?

I love my love.  (I LOVE sharing every day of my life with him, and having new adventures! We had a great time hiking on Sunday and want to start geocaching.  I know that our lives will never get boring! :D)  I love our friends.  I love rock band and my iphone.  I’m tired but really happy today.

Weekend plans – Wine bottling (we took part in a make-your-own-barrel adventure, which we’ve missed every single step of except for this last one!) Friday night.  Car shopping in south jersey Saturday.  Fire conclave practice in Philly Sunday night.  Hanging with friends in between the two.  Monday is going to come wayyyyy too soon.  Deep breath.

Oh – I blogged about Hollis? She’s back in the states, and showing AMAZING signs of progress. YAY!  Check out the news here.

Link of the day – Le Love.  The most recent post is a stray from the usual postings, but still a powerful site.

Have a fabulous day!!!