I like to think twitter is a conversation between friends, even when it’s public.  I had mine set to public rather than protected, otherwise my twitter widget on this blog and my facebook app which updates my status wouldn’t work.

I’m changing that now.  (Er, shortly, after I post this and send  a tweet out about it!)

I’d gotten used to restricting my tweets, I didn’t post anything I’d hate to have my mother or boss read, and felt that was enough.  Sure I felt left out when my friends tweeted while we were at the… um the library on Saturday night. Yeah that’s it, there were a lot of GREAT books there.  😛  But that was my choice in editing what I put out forever into the internet for all to see.

Last night, I mindlessly tweeted about our new flat screen TV, and when a friend tweeted during a bodily function, I replied that I called that “twooping” – I’ve tweeted before about the immense amount of words in the “twictionary” which both amuse and horrify me, and my own creation fits right in there.

A while later I checked twitter again, and found two replies from people I don’t know.

The first was spam to sell me a wall mount for my TV.

The second was a user with the account name “Twooping” who retweeted my post for all their followers to see.


OK OK.  I get that this is a new tool for marketing, and yeah that would involve targeting people who obviously can use your product, but it’s a little too “Minority Report” for me.  And I think it was the combination of both within a short time, and the fact that well, twooping to me is best left for the bathroom and private jokes among friends, DEFINITELY not something I want someone to find when searching for me.

Yes I realize I post more here about twooping than ever, but it’s to explain my reason.

I’ve been walking the line between using twitter just personally for inside jokes and being a “public” persona on the internet, and it’s time to seperate the two.

So – feel free to send me a request.  If we’ve met in person (and you aren’t my mother or boss) most likely I’ll approve it.

Facebook fans, I won’t be updating my status nearly as much, you may want to follow my blog/twitter more, and I’m much easier to reach via email than by messages on FB.

And now I’m totally expecting one of these for my birthday.  *sigh*


On an entirely different note, I registered for the Unravelling e-course today! WHEE!!! I’ll post lots of blogs here for it, as we will have writing and photography exercises.  Starts May 4.