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NY Santacon

I’ll post more about this later, but for those who want to stay in touch the day of NYC Santacon, PM me for my number if you don’t have it.  – starting location will be announced night before at 10 pm.

starts at 10 am saturday dec 13. I’m not sure when our group is joining – either for the start, or noonish to be better rested up for a long night ;o)

rather than mass texting people who have asked me for updates (cuz you know my brain! i already forget who asked me first! :D)  subscribe to my twitter and set it to update you via text messages. i’m sure you’ll want to cancel it after santacon, but for now, it’s easiest…

WHOOT! er, i mean HO HO HO!!!


** Wear warm layers as festive as you can get, bring a metrocard, booze, water, snacks, comfy shoes.


Forget how many shopping days till Christmas, how many shopping days until Santacon??

If you want the details on what/where/when Santacon is, email me. 

Is it a bar crawl?  Yes, parts of it.  Do you have to drink? No, but it helps get you in the holiday spirits. 

Is it a flash mob or performance art of some sort?  Kinda.  A big part of the fun is having over 1,000 santas appearing in public and surprising people!

Is it kid friendly?  Not so much in that not many kids tag along – though I’ve seen a few babies.  And we often give candy and small gifts to kids we pass during the day.  But we also sing naughty carols, and after dark, it’s DEFINITELY not kid friendly! 


Is it crazy?  Is it fun?  Yes and Yes!  (there is a NYC date posted here but it’s not 100% verified…)

Pics from past events: (mine and some friends)

Down the Rabbit Hole

What can I say….

PEX rocked like it hasn’t rocked since last Heartburn!  It was GREAT to be home again!! We partied for almost 14 hours and we’re still recovering.

I let rabbit have an adventure as I “chased” him – found him magically just before it was time to leave! But he’s still not talking about where he was and what fun he had all night ;o)

The costumes worked out great and were worth all the work.  The Deviants ROCKED the ice luge, and the kissing bandit drew quite the crowd of customers! ;o)  Other favorite memories – a conversation without a conversation with Lucky.  (I know. He knows. It’s awesome.)  The rocking conversations and cuddles on the swing.  Thinking Laura was a bunny and saying I’d chase her all night, when she was actually a lamb!  The same old “we need to hang out more, we live 10 minutes from each other!” conversation with Cat and Adam.  (ETA: How could I forget?? Hanging with Andi and Billy after, Billy’s AMAZING blacklight flag show, trying to teach people Fluxx 😀 and sitting on the trampoline in the fall sun…) And every special moment shared with my love. ❤

See all my pics from the night here:

Other than that, what happens at PEX, stays at PEX. 😀  Especially the third floor!

Huge love to everyone who made the party happen and to all those who attended.  You are all gorgeous sexy souls and make life worth living! Counting down the days until Heartburn…

Love Park

DSCF1704, originally uploaded by k8et.

At the Love sculpture, in front of a fountain dyed pink for the breast cancer walk.

We took a few photos, but haven’t downloaded them from the camera yet. However, Robbins Jewelers got a few photos of us!

Us in line

Me in line

Minerva & Nabil

from the following albums:  Picasa  Robbin’s site

I need to blog more. Or maybe I’m just bored. *shrug*

Getting ready for Playa Del Fuego – it’s one week from today!!! My friends and I will be running a theme camp this time and I’m very excited for it.

Otherwise, I’m working on costumes for the halloween party at PEX.  Unfortunately it’s the same night as NYC decom, but my heart belongs to Philly. Sorry big apple! 😀   Random and I will be a steampunkified Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland.  Currently looking for gears/mechanisms, glasses for him, and possibly a pink flamingo for me…  Started cutting out fabric for my dress last night.  On the floor.  For over an hour.  I have muscles hurting in strange places.  o.O

That’s about it.  This weekend, hitting up a Cranberry Festival (a project at work involves Cranbury Brook in NJ – just when I learned to type it as a -bury, I need to switch back to the -berry. ayeayeaye)  because who doesn’t like cranberries?  And Bordentown looks like a cool area, so adventuring we will go.  The rest of the weekend will probably be crafting/sewing time as I attempt to make a top hat, and teach Random how to make pants.

Oct 18 will be a NJ Burner Fall Outing day at Doyle’s Farm – anyone is welcome, contact me if you aren’t on the NJ Burning Man email list and need details (once they are decided!)

I need to hoop more.  I need to clean up the apartment – the weekend after PDF I’ll be hosting a small meeting/crafting party.  I need to take more photos.  I need more hours in the day and longer weekends….

Shameless self-promotion

Cuz why write it otherwise?  ;o) 

Second half of my blogging on Burning Man is up at my local blog.


Yes I’ve been quiet.  Life is good – absolutely perfect, in fact. and busy planning for PDF and Halloween.  Spending too much time/money on eBay ;o)

Buncha stuff coming up, I’ll list it again for anyone who cares.

This Sunday, Sept 28, my town is having a street fair, hope it stops raining.  If it’s raining I’ll be sewing costumes instead!

Sat Oct 4, checking out the cranberry festival in bordentown, cuz it sounds like fun.

PDF – Oct 9-13. I’ll be there fri-sun night.  Camp Deviant debuts. Check it out!!!  Grilled cheese Sat 1-3. 80’s party saturday night after the burn.

Sat Oct 18 – possible NJ burner fall outing for apple/pumpkin goodness.

Sat Oct 25 – PEX  Halloween/Decom party.

Anyone know of a good halloween party on the actual night??

Happy World Hoop Day!


IMG_1340, originally uploaded by k8et.


It’s World Hoop Day! May you all enjoy the hoopbliss of swirling in circles!!

I’ll be running over to Wayne NJ to hoop it up with Ter’i Buttafly in celebration (Holler to me or her if you want to join us! 5:30 pm and onwards.) Or check out or the hula hooping tribe for events local to you!

Besides World Hoop Day, my friend says:

“Opening of the “Triple-8” gate on the Earth Plane. The Olympics aren’t the only thing starting on 8/8/08!

8 is a power number in several traditions.
8 turned sideways is the symbol of infinity; it’s also a representation of two souls facing each other and linking. (think about it for a moment…)

The triple-8 stargate is an opportunity to breathe new life into your projects before the time of completion (which is signified in the number 9) It’s a quickening.

Yes, there was a triple-eight two years ago (8/8/2006). I see that as the gate opening on the astral plane. This triple-8 is the energy arriving on the material plane.

Just to further muddy the waters, a link for consideration:
Once past the “woo-woo,” there are some excellent concepts to be pondered.

Tighten your seatbelts, ladies & germs!”

Procrastinating from working, wanted to share some upcoming events!

Friday 8/8/8! An auspicious day, and World Hoop Day!!!! For jersey folks, Teri is having a gathering in Wayne from 5:30 onwards. Contact me for more details! I’ll be there until dusk-ish.

Saturday 8/9/08 – PEX Compression Party!!!!  You know the PEX parties of past, through experience or reputation.  Yes, this is a different venue – we broke it in for Phoenix Rising.  It still has the awesome PEX energy (despite overpriced drinks and thorough searches by bouncers! Be respectful and law abiding and they’ll treat you fine. You are allowed in and out of the place however, not that I’m condoning any illegal behaviour… But I suppose a drinkypoo in the parking lot is not illegal if you don’t drive with an open container or while inebriated! right? ;o)  AND no pesky limits on invites, we have plenty of room for all! Just remember to dress up (ARrrrgh! pirate or ninja??) or you’ll pay a hefty entrance fee. 

The following weekend I’ll be winemaking Friday night, hanging with some cool cats in frenchtown Saturday night, and freaking out about packing the rest of the time. 

Friday Aug 15th, 9 pm, Playa del Fuego tickets go on sale!  My awesome crew of gals is talking about making our group an official theme camp this time… If you are interested in attending for the first time, or camping with us, contact me because space near me will be limited! But we’ll have a satellite area in open camping as well.  Fall PDF is October 9 – 13.

August 25 – Sept 1: Burning Man WHEEEEEEEE!!! I’ll be camped along 5:30 somewhere, look for a casket bar/keg system on a corner, a bunch of old hippies in tiedye, and possibly a pool table as well.  Home brew for the home brew is the name of our unofficial theme camp.  Catch my conclave group performance at PEX’s camp (Esplanade and 8:00) Thursday evening, 8 pm, or right before the Man burns Saturday night!


Is there life after Burning Man? Yes, there is…. It just gets much more relaxed. ;o)  I’m not planning on fall Wildfire (and it sold out in less than 2 days!) and we have PDF of course.  And before you plan any fun halloween parties, put PEX’s decompression halloween party on your calendar for October 25!!!

PEX party prep time!

Greetings Family!

This will be the last Philadelphia Experiment fundraiser before Burning Man. Please feel free to blast this out to all of your peeps. The club has a capacity of 2,500, so we are not doing invitation only this time. We have an exciting line-up and are looking forward to sharing this experience with YOU!

Our website is going through some major exciting changes. If you haven’t already registered with our new mailing form, please do so at:

And now we present….

Pirates Vs Ninjas
BRC Compression Party
A Philadelphia Experiment Costume Event
August 9, 2008

Shampoo Nightclub
416 N 8th St. 10pm – 6am
21+ /w ID Required
$20 in Costume
$30 Without

We really want EVERYONE to participate

—-DJ Lineup:—-
Marques Wyatt
King Britt
Oscar P
Braden Anderson
mr. caparro
Lee Mayjahs?
Mia Ink
Justin Paul
Nick Cosmo
Ross D
DJ Everyday
Big Jawn
Friar Tuck
Glenn Weikert
Matt Tanz
Kris Murphy
Tubbo & KBunny

—-Live Performance By:—-
Arche-Dream for HumanKind
The Philadelphia Fire Arts Tribe
Live Burlesques Dance Troop featuring Heather Belman
plus Live Stilters, Hoopers, Face Painters & Performance Art

Live Music By:
Dr.Fish featuring Jenny Jamz & Heather Belman
The Innerfluents
The Plum Dragoness

Visuals By:
Optical Digital Distortion
Dr. Fish
Peter Parker
the Blackouts

Please note that the lineup list is subject to change, so check frequently for updates! We hope to see YOU there!

Much Love! And many many thanks for all for your contributions, without
which these events and this community would not exist!

-Giant Bear